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Archives for June 2020

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Information vs. Transformation: How To Study The Bible


Reading your Bible devotionally is a good start, but diving deeper brings real life change!...

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Burnt & Sacrificed


Have you been burnt or set fire to another?...

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Drunk Hannah


Things are not always what they seem....

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Night Vision


Faith is like being able to see clearly in the dark....

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A Person, Not A Brand


Christianity is not a brand, cool or otherwise....

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There's a right wrong way and a right way to provoke others!...

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Ask & Obey


When prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling, how do you respond?...

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God! Do Something!


As we look to God to act, he's saying, "Tag! You're it!"...

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Heaven Bound?


The Bible offers clear insight on how to be ensured of our spiritual destiny. ...

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