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Who God Made You


Jesus doesn’t throw the baby out with the baptism water. God loved you then, He loves you now, and He will love you tomorrow. ...

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Serving Seriously


God expects our best, not our leftovers...

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You're Not Wearing That Are You?!?


How to dress for spiritual success!...

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Compared against what Christ endured, what is suffering?...

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Desires grow based on what our heart and mind are fed. ...

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Contemplating Grace in the Dentist’s Chair


Grace is something nearly everyone wants, whether we understand fully what it is or not....

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In The Meantime


Waiting with expectation brings strength....

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Sin? What Sin?


Sin must be named to be healed....

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This is Living!


Truly abundant life is found only in Christ!...

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The Danger of Nostalgia


Looking back for present context is good. Looking back with longing is dangerous....

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