"You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart" (Jeremiah 29:13, ESV).

Have you ever played hide and seek? The person who is the seeker hides their eyes and counts to 100 while all the other players hide. The goal is not to hide so well that you are not found, just well enough that you're found last. No child who has ever played the game wanted to be left alone in their hiding place, never found.

We're often like that with God and faith. We get off track spiritually and duck for cover out of shame or embarrassment or exasperation with ourselves. But we're hoping God will come looking for us, like he did when Adam and Eve sinned in the garden.

Like David writes in Psalm 119:176, "I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek your servant, for I do not forget your commandments, we wander but we have not forgotten."

Children do this with parents, friends do this with friends, husbands do this with wives; we hide wanting to be found.

We wander away and hide because of a misunderstanding, a miscommunication, or our own misplaced desire. Yet, our memory of what we've wandered away from persists and tugs us to not stay hidden. We recall the many moments of joy shared with our spouse, the many moments of acceptance by friends, the patient care extended by parents and we want to be found.

Distracted from faith, we recall the sacrifice and gift of our Savior and our heart longs to be reclaimed. All we need to do when we feel that tug is turn, and there He is; our Savior seeking us, his one lost sheep.

Come out, come out wherever you are. Turn. Seek. Find and be found, again and again.

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A great reminder, thanks. Turn. It really can be that simple.

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