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Spiritual Gifts Sermon Series & Study 9/12-10/3


You’ve got gifts!

“Just for me?” This is often our reaction when we receive a gift, especially when unexpected. Getting gifts is a great joy. We feel blessed and special being given something of value that’s just for us to enjoy and treasure.

But what about Spiritual Gifts? You’ve heard of those, right?

Paul, writing in 1 Corinthians 12 explains that it’s important for believers “to understand about spiritual gifts.”  In Ephesians 4, he states that every believer has been  given “a special gift.” And in Romans 12, Paul tells us that these gifts are to be used in service to others.

When it comes to spiritual gifts, they aren’t just for us! They are for everyone.

Over the next four weeks (9/12 - 10/3) we, as a church, are going to take a closer look at Spiritual Gifts through sermons and in our small groups and the adult Sunday school class.

The goal is that each member of the HVPC congregation...

  • ...will gain a good understanding of the biblical concept of Spiritual Gifts,
  • ...will discover what their gifts are,
  • ...will make a commitment to engage their gifts in ministry in or through HVPC.

SGstudyguideThe sermons will be based on, and the small groups and Sunday school class will be using a study guide titled Spiritual Gifts by R. Paul Stevens. This is part of the LifeGuide Bible Studies published by IVP. Printed copies are available in the back of the sanctuary. A PDF version is also available for download.

Each small group will approach the study differently. Check with your small group leader for details. Some may extend their study beyond the four weeks. However, all are expected to focus on Spiritual Gifts during the four weeks of the sermon series.

You will also be hearing from your Flock Leaders. They will be in touch to ensure you have found a way to be engaged in the study. At the end of the study, once you have an idea as to what your gifts are, your Flock Leaders will help you find a way to serve using your gifts.

For those who like quizzes and assessments, there is a Spiritual Gifts Survey from Lifeway Christian Resources available in the back of the sanctuary (and downloadable as a PDF). Here are a couple of online assessments to consider as well:

A word of caution. These tools are not definitive or to be taken as absolutely accurate. Instead, they are simply ways to begin to discover what your giftings may be. The results may surface areas of giftings that you have never considered before. If you use these tools, the results need to be prayerfully considered and weighed within the context of the full Spiritual Gifts study.

If you have any questions about the Spiritual Gifts study, the assessments, small group participation, or the sermon series, please feel free to talk with any of our GO Project Vision Team members: Dan Morrison, Christie Bruce, Jon Haines, Noel Wolfe, or Stephen Clark. Or contact the Church Office (; 215-947-5500).

The goal is that everyone at HVPC will be able to fully engage their God-given gifts joyfully in service to the Kingdom!