Huntingdon Valley Presbyterian Church is an amazing place, and it might just be the perfect church for you and your family. Here are some of the things that make us different:

  • Powerful Preaching. Our Princeton-trained pastor delivers a dynamic message, straight from the heart, rooted in Scriptures.
  • Inspiring Worship. We have great music, both traditional and contemporary. The traditional music includes hymns, organ, and choir while our more contemporay music is led by our terrific band.
  • Biblical Belief. The world is always changing and we are excited to be part of that change. But our strength in living today -- and our hope for tomorrow -- comes from holding onto the unchanging truths of Scripture.
  • All Ages Ministry. Some churches have only old people. Some have only young people. At Huntingdon Valley Presbyterian Church, five generations worship every week.
  • Small Groups. Most of our people are involved in small group home Bible or topical studies.
  • English and Portuguese.  Our congregation speaks both English and Portuguese.  Our 9 a.m. service is in Portuguese while our 11:15 service is in English.  Between the two services, we have Sunday School in both English and Portuguese.
  • Heritage & Stability. We have been worshiping in Huntingdon Valley since 1861. The strength of our past invigorates our future.
  • InsetCongreMultiracial. Our church is situated in a diverse neighborhood so we have been intentional about making this congregation a place where people of all colors are honored and feel at home.

Since 1861, Huntingdon Valley Presbyterian Church has been bearing witness to the transforming power of the Gospel. We are a welcoming, vibrant, family-size, all-ages, multi-racial congregation.

We are young and old seeking to do His will in love one day at a time as per our mission statement:

“For God’s glory, and by His power, we are a fellowship of sinners who worship God, study God’s word, love all people, and share the hope we have in Jesus Christ.”