A Church for Every Generation. A House of Prayer for All Nations.

Ever notice how some churches have only young people and others have nothing but old people? Ever notice how most churches are all white or all black?

Huntingdon Valley Presbyterian Church (HVPC) is a remarkable mix of people from five generations – newborns to centenarians – and we are a remarkable blending of colors.

The Children's Ministry Sunday school and childcare program provides fun, care, and learning each Sunday.

Many of our programs cater to our youth and young adults – mission trips, fellowship groups, outings, and retreats. Our many young families are busy with life, supported by the church, as they enjoy that amazing ride called parenthood and career.

InsetThisIsUsOlder adults are a vital part of Huntingdon Valley Presbyterian Church. Our sanctuary is handicap accessible, and we have hearing assistance devices in all worship services.

Older adults are part of our committees and serve on our Session and as Deacons. And Pastor Morrison spends one day each week visiting older members who are unable to get out to church.

We are a church for all generations. And we like it that way!

They say that 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in the United States. We think that’s a shame and have made a commitment – because it doesn’t happen by accident – to making Huntingdon Valley Presbyterian Church the kind of place where people of all colors and backgrounds feel at home.