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Jesus doesn’t throw the baby out with the baptism water. God loved you then, He loves you now, and He will love you tomorrow.

In a sense we are all homeless. For now.

Perhaps COVID-19 is a gift in disguise this Christmas!

Our imagery may be off, but Emmanuel is with us nevertheless.

It is only in and through Christ that we have hope.

God expects our best, not our leftovers

How to dress for spiritual success!

You are gifted. Are you putting them into service?

Satan is a master trickster who parades as the giver of treats.

What we treasure is where our heart lies.

Fake plants blow away in a storm because they have no roots. When faced with constant sunlight, they fade.

I’m not exactly like you. You’re not exactly like me. Thanks be to God!

Compared against what Christ endured, what is suffering?

Are you discovering solutions as God reveals them?

Desires grow based on what our heart and mind are fed.

Like the well-intentioned rich young ruler, we want to know the minimum we need to do to gain eternal life.

Grace is something nearly everyone wants, whether we understand fully what it is or not.

We can move from pain via lament to receive comfort and gain eternal glory.

A regular habit of prayer opens up communion with the Father, fueling spiritual growth and maturity.

Waiting with expectation brings strength.

Sin must be named to be healed.

Looking back for present context is good. Looking back with longing is dangerous.

Are you being activated with good yeast or not so good yeast?

It's not possible to get clean once and for all, inside or outside.

Are you happy?

I hate waiting. But it can pay off.

Troubles come but peace can persist.

What's sweet isn't necessarily good.

Bad things can become good things.

Got your ducks in a row?

What are you hiding from?

Are your emotions aligned with Truth?

Are you playing the Prodigal or hanging onto the hand of Jesus?

Comfort and joy are yours to pass on to others.

Reading your Bible devotionally is a good start, but diving deeper brings real life change!

Have you been burnt or set fire to another?

Things are not always what they seem.

Faith is like being able to see clearly in the dark.

Christianity is not a brand, cool or otherwise.

There's a right wrong way and a right way to provoke others!

When prayers seem to bounce off the ceiling, how do you respond?

As we look to God to act, he's saying, "Tag! You're it!"

The Bible offers clear insight on how to be ensured of our spiritual destiny.

What are the permanent markers in your life?

Have you ever stopped to think about what a yoke is and is intended for?

Becoming Christlike is a challenging, yet rewarding, experience.

Are you tied up trying to see the full arc but missing the now of your life?

Endless rearranging of your inner furniture won’t bring peace or healing. Transformation is the answer.

God's mercies are new every morning.

It's been a somewhat terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month. But things will change. Except one thing.

Everyone is afraid of something. What are you afraid of?

Life brings challenges. God knows and cares.